Desktop devices
EEG neurofeedback games

Description of the devices:

These EEG neurofeedback devices are first- and second-generation developments in the field of brain-controlled games.

It is easy to learn how to use the desktop devices, and it is the simplest way to practice concentration or relaxation techniques.


Mindflex, which is likewise based on EEG technology, senses the intensity of brainwaves with the help of the sensors attached to the forehead and ears.

A ball has to be guided through an obstacle course consisting of various components by solely using the power of the mind. The ball moves differently in a state of high concentration and in a state of relaxation and it is possible to complete the obstacle course by switching from one of these states to the other.

MindFlex Duel

By building on the operating principle of the original “big brain-wise” Mindflex game, in this game 2 players compete in an intense mental duel. By reaching various levels of concentration and relaxation, the players “fight against each other”, at times facing various obstacles, but solely by controlling their mind.

The game offers the opportunity to compete individually or head to head, just like cooperating in a team.

Force Trainer

We control the device using brainwaves in a manner that it is possible to move the ball inside the training tower through the power of thoughts. Connection is provided by a special technical solution that is attached to a wireless headphone sensing brainwaves with sensors.

The device essentially helps improve concentration.

We request that a table or board be provided for this device, as well as 2 chairs, if necessary.

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