Brain Challenge
Car race using brainwaves

Description of the device:

The concept of „drive mindfully”, i.e. technology and interactivity, plays a pivotal role in this special EEG neurofeedback device. Players have to guide the cars on the race track with the power of their mind.

The headband placed on their head is capable of distinguishing various brainwaves responsible for concentration, influencing the speed of the car in 8 gears. They control the speed of the racing car with their brainwaves, i.e. speeding up or slowing down depends on how concentrated the player is.

The game is timed (the time limit may be adjusted), during which period the racing car must make as many laps it possibly can. This is how we get the winner at the end of the lap.

Both the cars and the track can be branded. It is even possible to select the type of car for the game after negotiating this in advance.

Track dimensions: length: 1885 mm, width: 950 mm, height: 734

The device fits into a space of approximately 2×2 m, tent recommended outdoors. The device needs to be connected to a 220 V outlet.

The device was developed by MindBloom and is copyright protected


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