Brain Balloon
Inflate a balloon by focusing

Description of the device:

Inflating balloons with the help of brainwaves by operating the compressor with the power of thoughts. Whoever’s balloon will be the biggest wins.
Players place the headband with the EEG sensors on it on their head. The headband is connected to the interface with the help of Bluetooth technology, and then the game can start. The EEG neurofeedback device transforms the brainwaves, making them visible by inflating the balloon. 3 LED lights indicate the level of concentration to players.
The device is easy to include in any company profile or event message. The table can be branded at special request and the back panel may be replaced by a company roll-up. It is possible to change the colour of the balloons in the game.
Table dimensions: length: 1372 mm, width: 530 mm, height: 963 mm. The assisting staff stand on one side of the table opposite the player.
The device fits into a space of approximately 2×2 m, tent recommended outdoors. The device needs to be connected to a 230 V outlet.
The device was developed by MindBloom and is copyright protected.


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